January 2000

There's a line between encouragement and coercion that doctors say some health plans ignore. Given physician defensiveness, can any approach to DM work? Does capitation make effective buy-in nearly impossible?
Frank Diamond
Valid outcomes studies in disease management are elusive. Which are good? Which are not? How do you evaluate what a vendor has to offer?
Michael D. Dalzell
Naturally, doctors are more likely to buy into a physician-led DM program. Rewarding them for resulting lower medical costs keeps them in the game.
MargaretAnn Cross
Steps used in creating a system that markedly improved asthma outcomes and cut costs at Hartford Hospital are typical of what's involved.
Scott A. Wolf, D.O.
Rose Maljanian, R.N., M.B.A
T.V. Parasuraman, Ph.D.
Patricia A. Deverka, M.D., M.S.
Michael R. Toscani, Pharm.D.