Managed Care


April 2001

The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy is testing a plan to have drugmakers submit evidence-based outcomes analyses when seeking formulary inclusion.
Jack McCain
It's long been said that PPOs, by their varied nature, can't be held to the same quality yardsticks as HMOs. Yet, in time, something will have to suffice.
Michael Levin-Epstein
With the ever-rising cost of prescription drugs generating an outcry to reform Medicare, PhRMA's president finds himself in the eye of the storm.
It happened in the slump of the early 1990s, and it could very well happen again. Managed care feasts while other industries starve. People will still get sick, even in bad times.
Frank Diamond
Many hospitals already have some variety of emergency diagnostic and treatment units. HMOs and physicians should welcome this level of care.
Charles Downey
The amount of fraud in the health care system is staggering, but computer analysis can help reduce the level. Here is one company's strategy.
Gregory J. Borca