Managed Care


June 2001

HOPE and CURE trials find that significant reductions in major cardiovascular events are associated with ramipril and clopidogrel therapies.
Walter Alexander
Perhaps goodwill is too much to ask for. However, peaceful coexistence can certainly help all players reach their mutual goal — a smooth relationship that helps to get the job done.
Frank Diamond
It's there on the Web, highly convenient. What keeps physicians away?
Darcy Lewis
Physicians don't like to discuss end-of-life care. Neither do health plans, fearing it makes them look cold. A few plans are finding innovative ways to do it.
John Carroll

Employer Update
Thanks to a Business Roundtable-sponsored group calling for better outcomes at hospitals, health plans' lobbying efforts may pay off.
Jack McCain
State Initiatives
Bob Carlson
Compensation Monitor
Systems & Software
Joyce R. Ochs
Michael S. Victoroff, M.D.