February 2002

Converging forces are an economic train wreck waiting to happen. Avoiding a disaster requires an understanding of the interconnection of health care's stakeholders and the global consequences of their actions.
Mick L. Diede, FSA, MAAA
Richard Liliedahl, MD
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has spent two years developing a model. Drug companies like it; health plans don't.
Bob Carlson
Sure there are diagnostic and treatment challenges, but the money that can be saved for society might make this fertile ground for investment.
Heidi A. Sauder, PhD
Sheri Wallace

This means using a carrot-and-stick approach with physicians. Those who respect the evidence should be rewarded; others should face penalties.
Alan M. Muney, MD, MHA
Washington Watch
Michael Levin-Epstein
Systems & Software
Joyce Ochs
Managed Care Outlook