May 2002

Careful interpretation required: Health plans operating in multiple states have a challenge sorting out where the federal law trumps state statutes.
High daily copayments for high-priced hospitals are coming into fashion. It’s all about shifting costs, but what about quality of care?
The government offers financial incentives that include $100,000 in seed money, risk-sharing deals, and higher payment rates.
In a candid, wide-ranging interview, the CMS administrator counsels patience in solving the myriad problems of health care. A fix could take 20 years.
Escalating premiums, changing attitudes play a role in employers’ decision to take on the same thing that burned many physicians: financial risk.
Simplistic, for sure. But a movie pitting a man with modest income against the big bad managed care plan has drawn attention to the enormous cost of transplants and the difficulty of matching organs and recipients.

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