March 2004

If everyone can see what everyone is doing, we’ll have better care at lower costs. First task: Create common standards.

Martin Sipkoff

There’s a big push for passage this year, but don’t hold your breath. Many feel that such a measure would be too expensive.

John Carroll

Initial results are promising. Employees turn toward preventive medicine and away from expensive drug therapies.

MargaretAnn Cross

Y2K, 9/11, anthrax scares — these events crystallized the problem of medication stockpiling. How does managed care respond?

Tony Berberabe

Omalizumab, a novel therapy that targets specific steps in the inflammatory cascade of asthma, may benefit the hard-to-treat patient.

Gailen D. Marshall Jr., MD, PhD


John A. Marcille
Federal backing aligns with market pressure to create an irresistible force. However, health plans need to be aware of some troubling issues.
John Carroll
It’s easy to blame the uninformed, and sometimes fair, but are the ignorant the only ones at fault? Medical professionals need to be able to explain, not just order and direct.
Michael S. Victoroff, MD
Improvements in the features of diabetes pumps have evolved since their original backpack-size days. Managed care needs to evaluate the new bells and whistles.
Thomas Morrow, MD
Pepsi promises that work-site clinics won’t take business away from health plans.
MargaretAnn Cross