Managed Care


February 2005

The former speaker of the house strongly favors a free-market overhaul of the system that would change the way consumers behave. Should you worry?
Martin Sipkoff
Community health information networks failed in the 1990s. Today's newer version — regional health information organizations — seeks to form more collaborative relationships.
Tony Berberabe
Could avian flu give rise to a pandemic that might rival the fearsome Spanish flu? Is the nation - let alone any individual MCO - ready?
Jack McCain
This article evaluates recent trends and challenges in health system management of exceedingly rare genetic diseases, from the perspective of the manufacturer, managed care organization, physician, and actuary.
Mark Zitter, MBA

Editor's Memo
John A. Marcille
Legislation & Regulation
How much will plans have to "be like Mike" — Leavitt, that is. The influence of the secretary of health and human services reaches beyond the public sector.
John Carroll
Employer Update
Now that large companies are adding health information to their benefit portals on the Web, insurers will have to work more closely with them.
MargaretAnn Cross
Tomorrow's Medicine
There is very little competition in the biopharmaceutical sector. With the introduction of generic forms of human growth hormone, can managed care get a lower price?
Thomas Morrow, MD