October 2005

Medical directors are charged with many of the tasks that could help members make the most of consumer-directed health plans

MargaretAnn Cross

Some insurers seem to have a knack for irritating their network physicians. The list is long, but five categories of irritants seem to recur most often.

Bob Carlson

As we learn which supplements are truly beneficial, is limited coverage of specific products in the works?

Sharon Baker

Offering 17P as a benefit to pregnant women enrollees with a history of preterm delivery can reduce NICU days significantly for a Medicaid plan.

Mary V. Mason, MD, MBA Kara M. House, BS, MBA Cathy M. Fuest, RPh Deborah R. Fitzgerald, RN Bonnie J. Kitson, MBA


John A. Marcille
Complacent bureaucracies could not answer the call. Now is the time to make adjustments. The next shoe will drop.
Michael S. Victoroff, MD
Some of the biggest insurers in the country will do whatever it takes to promote their offerings under Medicare’s new prescription drug benefit
John Carroll
Their presence in the public sector could lead to a strong presence in the private sector. Is a managed care backlash looming?
Martin Sipkoff
Enhanced management continues due to a greater understanding of the intricate glucose balance and the shortfalls of existing medications.
Thomas Morrow, MD
A medical device manufacturer, Definity Health’s first client nearly 5 years ago, has moved a fourth of its employees into the new-style plan
MargaretAnn Cross

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