Managed Care


August 2006

A nationwide discussion about making health care available to all Americans gives new life to an old idea
Frank Diamond
The next stage of payer-provider collaboration will add true value
Emad Rizk, MD
Research says the hidden cost of untreated depression far outweighs the cost of treatment. Plans need to get this information to purchasers.
MargaretAnn Cross ; Martin Sipkoff
After years and years of talk, a community of health plans, governments, and providers is getting serious about the beneficial exchange of health care data
Neil Versel
Here's how the process works today, who pays for it, and when and why it makes sense
John Carroll

Editor's Memo
John Marcille
Legislation & Regulation
When a plan member is treated after an auto accident or other mishap that results in an award to the member, the plan should be reimbursed, but often, it doesn't happen
John Carroll
Medication Management
Insurers recognize the clinical importance of off-label prescribing, but criteria are needed to avoid overutilization
Martin Sipkoff
Compensation Monitor
Employer Update
Inaccurate data on patient ID cards is the top headache that a Kansas commission has decided to address using improved information technology
Lola Butcher
Tomorrow's Medicine
Managed care has another alternative to slow the progress of the most common cause of blindness in the 55-years and over population
Thomas Morrow, MD