Managed Care


July 2006

Whereas before insurers used to devise new products and processes to attract purchasers, now more and more employers are going to the plans and insisting on preventive care
Martin Sipkoff
Managing the assets of a health savings account has banks excited, but leaving charges in the hands of members makes providers nervous
John Carroll
A noble goal, though Medicare Advantage plans may suffer in the course of determining just what scans are appropriate
Lola Butcher
Health plans are devising ways to function even when their providers are being overrun and the insurers themselves face a vastly depleted workforce
Ed Silverman
Some managed care companies begin to take a hard look at what's behind the explosion in costs for radiological services
Michael Levin-Epstein

Talking honestly about problems can help organizations, so long as those in charge take a compassionate approach
Arthur Lazarus, MD, MBA
A potential useful volume on ethics in critical care falls short of expectations, often skimming the surface of important debates
Michael S. Victoroff, MD
Legislation & Regulation
John Garamendi, California's insurance commissioner, thinks some insurers have the potential to gouge the consumer, and wants to mandate a high medical loss ratio
John Carroll
Tomorrow's Medicine
How small is small? The latest digital camera takes images of a patient's 'inner space.'
Thomas Morrow, MD