Managed Care


August 2007

No longer passive, companies are working in a variety of ways to improve employees' care. Are health plans being left behind?
Frank Diamond
Although EBM is only just getting started, many people are looking beyond evaluating treatments head to head and considering cost as well
Lola Butcher
Once guidelines are embedded in the work flow, it will be much easier to apply them than it is when physicians must essentially take them off the shelf and look them up.
A point-counterpoint debate with Michael Jacobs, RPh, and Wayne M. Lednar, MD, PhD

Editor's Memo
John Marcille
Legislation & Regulation
The physician lobbying organization wants insurers to stop contributing to the growth of limited-care offices in chain stores
John Carroll
Medication Management
Insurers are trying different methods, from pay for performance to promoting preventive care, to hold down cost of chemotherapy drugs
Martin Sipkoff
Employer Update
High-deductible insurance hasn't been a big draw, but plan sponsors have found a few ways to make it attractive
Lola Butcher
Tomorrow's Medicine
Flash-frozen samples of surgically removed breast cancer tissue are the key to measuring a patient's risk of metastasis
Thomas Morrow, MD