November 2007

The consumer-directed model isn't taking the country by storm, but its innovations are influencing other coverage designs
MargaretAnn Cross
Preauthorization procedures for costly new imaging technologies aim to help doctors learn the rules to avoid denials
Tom Reinke
The health insurance industry might be able to help itself by coming up with ideas to influence the presidential debate
John Carroll
Insurer throws support behind P4P program that promises "stunning" advances in cost-effectiveness
Lola Butcher
The old TennCare program had many flaws and detractors. Its near collapse led to a more realistic approach to providing coverage to the uninsured in Tennessee.
Cyril F. Chang, PhD

Editor's Memo
John A. Marcille
Insurers can play an active part in helping members change their thinking, and therefore change their lifestyles
John La Puma, MD
Medication Management
Pharmacy benefit managers will charge employers a straight administrative fee, rather than make much of their income through deals with the drug industry
Martin Sipkoff
Tomorrow's Medicine
Compared with radiofrequency ablation, this technique has some advantages and it should be acceptable to managed care plans
Thomas Morrow, MD