January 2007

More companies are offering less coverage — or none at all. Even those that offer coverage find that more of their workers choose not to sign up.

John Carroll

Hospitals and physicians, to varying degrees, are finding that doing the right thing is good business practice

Maureen Glabman

It isn’t nearly as comprehensive and trustworthy as the ideal electronic health record, but what’s called the personal health record has its place

Tom Reinke

The National Business Group on Health introduces the Purchaser’s Guide to Clinical Preventive Services

Lola Butcher

Joseph Flood, MD, FACR Charles Mihalik, PharmD, RPh Renee R. Fleming, RPh, MBA Bruce E. Strober, MD, PhD Deborah R. Zucker, MD, PhD


John Marcille
One of the possible issues is ‘biosimilars,’ agents that would fill the role that generics play in traditional pharmacy coverage
John Carroll
Health insurers’ aggressive stand on members’ use of generic drugs can attract new clients, but does it interfere with the physician-patient relationship?
Martin Sipkoff
The less common form of hemophilia — acquired hemophilia — can now be treated with recombinant activated factor VII
Thomas Morrow, MD

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