Editor's Memo
John Marcille
Legislation & Regulation
John Carroll
Just who gets paid for what — and how much — is expected to change in a big way in 2010
Medication Management
Martin Sipkoff
The FTC warns that the competition between ‘follow-on’ biologics and the pioneer products is likely to be of the brand-vs.-brand variety
Tomorrow's Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD
This competitor of clopidogrel will probably be most useful for patients in the initial phases of acute coronary syndrome
Plan Watch
Frank Diamond
Retail stores offer “young invincibles” and the working poor the chance to examine low-cost coverage options

A blueprint for high-volume, high-quality lung cancer screening that is detecting cancer earlier—and helping to save lives

Clinical Brief

Multiple Sclerosis: New Perspectives on the Patient Journey–2019 Update
Summary of an Actuarial Analysis and Report