Managed Care


June 2009

As the number of onsite clinics at factories and office parks expands, will employers start to think they don’t need managed care contracts?
Maureen Glabman
Doctors share cases, brainstorms, and gripes in today’s fast-growing electronic physician communities, and pharma companies want to be a fly on the wall. So, experts say, should you.
Steven Peskin, MD
Drugs for comorbidities cost far more than the drugs for the condition itself
Martin Sipkoff
More employers and plan managers are looking at offshore options, but few are taking the plunge
Richard Mark Kirkner
Nine instruments were reviewed based on the extent that they measured the four attributes of primary care. Only one fully met the recommended criteria.
Rebecca A. Malouin, PhD, MPH ; Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH ; Martin Jose Sepulveda, MD

Editor's Memo
John Marcille
Legislation & Regulation
The switch to EDI’s 5010 data interchange standards requires full readiness — called level 1 by those in the know — in 21⁄2 years. Let the scrambling begin.
John Carroll
Tomorrow's Medicine
Unicompartmental joint operation doesn’t require storing various joint fittings to accommodate each patient’s anatomy
Thomas Morrow, MD
Plan Watch
Tricare saves itself unnecessary grief by reaching out to beneficiaries who need only call up
Frank Diamond