April 2010

It depends partly on whether the population is rural or urban and whether utilization can be controlled
John Carroll
A longtime advocate is still betting on a single payer system because, she says, the new reform law won’t come near to doing what’s needed
When many randomized trials are badly done or irrelevant, what are formulary managers and committees to do?
Ed Silverman
When physicians lack sufficient preparation, they are frustrated, and their relationships with insurers can suffer
Frank Diamond
Multiple cost cutting strategies zero in on every aspect of physician remuneration
Thomas Reinke
Risk adjustment is part of the reform package, but other countries have had problems with implementation
Richard Mark Kirkner


A physician argues that the health care system cannot be truly reformed unless enrollees open their eyes to the facts of healthy living
Gail J. Dudley, DO
Legislation & Regulation
HIPAA was all bark when it came to penalties for failing to protect personal health and financial records. HITECH is already showing some bite.
John Carroll
Medication Management
Sometimes the cure can pose the biggest threat, the data suggest
Martin Sipkoff
Plan Watch
UnitedHealthcare and Towers Watson team up to capture the business of employers who provide coverage for former employees
Frank Diamond
Tomorrow’s Medicine
A fatal disease with many victims, IPF has been shown to progress more slowly when treated by pirfenidone. The FDA itself has not yet ruled on it.
Thomas Morrow, MD