August 2010

Payers should benefit as the rate of introduction of blockbuster products declines

Ed Silverman

The overall effect on human health could be extensive and costly for payers, experts warn

Martin Sipkoff

Forget about sending members to Thailand for major surgery; there’s a center of excellence here that can do the job at a good price

Richard Mark Kirkner

Tapped by President Obama in a recess appointment, Donald Berwick, MD, will lead the CMS at least till the end of next year. Here, selections from our Berwick file.
A medical ethicist says it’s time to acknowledge that limited resources will cover limited services

Teresa B. Gibson, PhD Yonghua Jing, PhD Edward Kim, MD, MBA Erin Bagalman, MSW Sara Wang, PhD


Plans try to figure out how to deal with federal guidelines on services that take effect next month
John Carroll
The search for an acceptable oral MS drug may be over if fingolimod (Gilenia) survives an FDA review this fall
Thomas Morrow, MD
Network Health Alliance uses a team approach to bring primary care to an often hard-to-reach — and very costly — population
Frank Diamond