December 2010

Portable interactive communications technology promises to influence health behavior as mere postcards and email messages never did. There will be big rewards for the health plans that figure out how to use it well.

Steven R. Peskin, MD, MBA, FACP

Twitter and Facebook are good places to promote a health plan’s brand, and they can help members by reinforcing positive behaviors

John Carroll

We want to hear from medical directors about how they approach one of the most vexing and chronic problems in health care

Frank Diamond

El Paso First Health Plans did not lose sight of the two goals in the overhaul of the electronic data interchange system

Managed Care Staff

As Part D enrollees approach their coverage limits, their decisions are significantly affected through the doughnut hole period

John W. Hales, MA, PhD Stephen George, PharmD, MS, RPh


John Marcille
A committee at the Institute of Medicine has called for better use of registered nurses, but physicians continue to try to keep them subordinate
John Carroll
Health plans have another option to consider for improving medication outcomes
Thomas Reinke
Physicians can earn extra money, but hospitals can lose if they do not show an improvement in quality
Frank Diamond
A new device can partially restore central field vision to thousands who suffer from a common cause of blindness
Thomas Morrow, MD