March 2011

3 Success Stories
Joseph Burns
Try ‘bundled payments, accountability, and consumer involvement,’ one surgeon advises
Carol Milano
Plans are increasingly trusted with management of the ABDs — aged, blind, and disabled
John Carroll
The managed care network shares new ideas about increasing patient satisfaction, reducing hospital admissions, and producing better outcomes overall
Sheree Crute
Evidence suggests that a select group of patients could be better managed outside the costly hospital
Bob Kirsch
The static approach overseen by United States Pharmacopoeia shortchanges beneficiaries and benefit plans
Claudia Schlosberg, JD
Richard Stefanacci, DO

Legislation & Regulation
Health plans that have resisted inappropriate state mandates might be in a position to bill those states for their cost when policies are sold through an exchange
John Carroll
Medication Management
Standardization, a central database, and quick reporting are thought to improve safety
Thomas Reinke
Plan Watch
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota hopes that adding weight maintenance to its tobacco program will bolster results
Frank Diamond
Tomorrow's Medicine
Using microneedle technology to deliver drugs avoids many of the pitfalls of the traditional needle-and-syringe mechanism
Thomas Morrow, MD