Managed Care


March 2012

Just about everyone except the patient is offering some kind of incentive to do something, but beware of unintended, not to say unwanted, outcomes: the notorious perverse incentive
Frank Diamond
Community Care of North Carolina says it has data on decreased hospital utilization and ER visits
Joseph Burns
A national survey finds big gaps in knowledge about how to manage these costly drugs
Cheryl Larson ; Margaret Rehayem ; Larry Boress ; F. Randy Vogenberg
Employers believe in this hybrid approach. Is it time for medical insurers to look at it carefully?
Carol Milano
The program showed significant improvements in all diabetes and hypertension-related clinical measures
Debra Wertz, PharmD ; Likun Hou, MS ; Andrea DeVries, PhD ; Leon Dupclay Jr., PharmD, PhD ; Frannie McGowan, PharmD, CDE

Legislation & Regulation
The new system is supposed to have transparent pricing, but some say it is susceptible to manipulation, which was AWP’s downfall
John Carroll
Medication Management
Developers make progress with genetic markers aimed at improving drug response
Thomas Reinke
Tomorrow's Medicine
The FDA will make a final determination on regulations intended to permit the sale of ‘follow-on’ biologics
Thomas Morrow, MD