November 2012

We invited experts from around the country to weigh in on the strengths and weaknesses of Hospital at Home and what would be required for the concept to succeed in nonintegrated health care settings.

Marla Tobin, MD Peter Kongstvedt, MD Peter Boland, PhD

Health plan clinical administrators can take much better advantage of the low prices of pharmaceuticals that become untethered to a brand name

Linda Cahn

Health plans are taking steps to implement this promising payment system, but it sure ain’t easy

Joseph Burns

Using case studies, researchers assess the effect of rebate rates on the cost-effectiveness of two oral bisphosphonates that are competing for tier 2 positioning

Nicole C. Ferko MSc Natalie Borisova PhD Parisa Airia, PhD Daniel T Grima, MSc Melissa F Thompson, MBA


John Marcille

The idea is that selling policies across state lines will lower costs and increase the number of insured, but it hasn’t worked that way yet

John Carroll

With acquisition costs so low, pharmacies are almost giving away generic statins. How this affects the structure of the pharmacy benefit is yet to be determined.

Tom Reinke

Stribild, a four-drugs-in-one agent, makes a once complex drug regimen more manageable with better outcomes

Thomas Morrow, MD