Medication Management
Thomas Reinke

Biologics and high-cost medications are becoming mainstream, creating different challenges for insurers

Evidence Review

A summary of ECRI Institute’s Emerging Technology Evidence Report

Legislation & Regulation
John Carroll

The FDA wants to significantly shorten the development time for new medications by cutting years out of the R&D process

The Formulary Files

F. Randy Vogenberg, RPh, PhD

Tomorrow's Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD

In two studies, Lymphoseek outperformed previous agents in identifying nodes containing metastatic malignancies

Plan Watch

R. Blake Curd, MD

The Affordable Care Act stunts the growth of these institutions, but will quality of care and competition suffer as a result?

News & Commentary
Frank Diamond
News & Commentary

A blueprint for high-volume, high-quality lung cancer screening that is detecting cancer earlier—and helping to save lives

Clinical Brief

Multiple Sclerosis: New Perspectives on the Patient Journey–2019 Update
Summary of an Actuarial Analysis and Report