Managed Care


October 2013

Mobile apps, approved by the FDA or not, are already profoundly affecting the management of care

Michael Levin-Epstein

The head of the Cleveland Clinic on consolidating, reducing FTEs, and keeping physicians engaged

Plan for the introduction of drugs, devices, and other technologies with information from the AHRQ Healthcare Horizon Scanning System

Diane C. Robertson ; Karen Schoelles, MD

Simple to create and to extract data from, registries are becoming essential to effective patient and population management

Frank Diamond

The promise in such an approach can be seen in pilots around the country, but plans and payers need to know what’s expected

Alice G. Gosfield, JD

Oncologists hope to start a national discussion about which drugs are reasonable to prescribe and pay for

John Carroll

Managing Editor's Memo
Frank Diamond
Legislation & Regulation

State lawmakers want hospitals to reveal what they’ve negotiated with health plans for lists of services that grow ever longer

John Carroll
Medication Management

Pharmacists have long wanted more opportunities to contribute and to be respected for their abilities. Behold the patient-centered medical home.

Thomas Reinke
The Wider View

The United Kingdom’s debate about linking health with social services tackles a problem that is also a concern in the United States

Robert Royce, PhD
Plan Watch
The reported savings have been wonderful so far, but where will savings come from when Independence Blue Cross stops the obvious waste?
Frank Diamond
Tomorrow's Medicine

This cutting-edge method of matching drugs to patient may eventually be used for cystic fibrosis, cancer, and autoimmune diseases

Thomas Morrow, MD