May 2013

Physician buy-in and an innovative payment model will keep Cigna’s HealthSpring on course in a changing market, says its president

Under Its Alternative Quality Contract, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts aims to make global budgets work by having physicians and hospitals cut costs and pursue meaningful quality targets

The genomic revolution is under way. Just don’t expect it to be an early money-saver.

Are you dreaming of a world where mass cancer screenings are discarded as wasteful and personal genetics and ‘big data’ inform individually targeted therapies? Wake up — that world is fast approaching.



Many health insurance plans face challenges that DTC marketing might be able to address


The association between the two diseases is strong, and insurers should consider all management options


The Six Million Dollar Man had superhuman eyesight, but insurers won’t have to pay that much for this treatment


Anthem’s experience exposes vulnerabilities regarding the maintenance of physician networks