April 2014

The CDC calls antibiotic resistance the world’s most pressing public health threat, saying it requires collaborative action from all stakeholders: physicians, hospital administrators — and health plans

Joseph Burns

Opinions differ on how much and how quickly its role will change, but surely pharmacy can be important in reducing big-ticket episodes of care

Peter Wehrwein

Opponents say that the new rules would reduce consumer choice and industry competition

John Carroll

Independence Blue Cross and Aetna are two insurers that have opened special centers dedicated to finding better ways to deliver care

Frank Diamond

Their cost advantage is incontrovertible, but will doctors and patients join reference product manufacturers in trying to restrict them?

Katherine T. Adams

The Wider View

Average ED income per patient in one hospital was $184

Robert Royce, PhD
Medication Management

Pill hoarders, doctor shoppers, and just plain addicted patients are a growing problem for physicians — and thus for health plans, too

Thomas Reinke
The Formulary Files

Both payers and providers benefit

Krishna Rutvij Patel, PharmD
Tomorrow's Medicine

Adasuve helps people with bipolar disease or schizophrenia recover from an intense state of agitation

Thomas Morrow, MD