Managed Care


July 2014

Analysts predict the change may save businesses $3 trillion and add to health plans’ risk business, but others doubt that big employers will willingly cede their health insurance role
John Carroll
Saving health care dollars requires information, and health plans are developing estimators to provide it. Now they have to make sure physicians are in the loop — and on board.
Richard Mark Kirkner
Behavioral health companies are using cheek swabs to help choose the drugs that will work best for certain individuals. But psychiatrists say such testing still needs to prove itself.
Joseph Burns
The ‘health home’ is just one of the strategies helping to meet the needs of this vulnerable and costly population
Thomas Reinke

The Wider View
Implicitly denigrating the other chaps (or ladies) in health care? In the mother country, despite a mandate to compete, it simply isn’t done.
Robert Royce, PhD
Medication Management
Report says half of all insurers are not taking advantage of rebates for drugs delivered through the medical benefit
Thomas Reinke
The Formulary Files
Krishna Rutvij Patel, Pharm D
Plan Watch
The insurer hopes two recently approved drugs —­ Belviq and Qsymia — will help people who do not get results from diet and exercise
Frank Diamond
Tomorrow's Medicine
Eloctate allows for significantly longer time between infusions
Thomas Morrow, MD