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John Marcille
Al Lewis

Al Lewis

The author reviewed and rejected all four options offered by his ENT and lived to tell about it

Legislation & Regulation
John Carroll

Fewer than half of the 137 groups reported spending below Medicare’s benchmark, with total savings of $401 million

Medication Management
Thomas Reinke

Analysis of data from claims is uncovering opportunities to advise prescribers and, through them, to improve outcomes

The Formulary Files
Krishna Rutvij Patel, PharmD
Tomorrow's Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD

The key is measuring chemotherapy agents’ efficacy based on aptosis — cell death — as reflected by cells’ changing optical density

News & Commentary
Frank Diamond

A blueprint for high-volume, high-quality lung cancer screening that is detecting cancer earlier—and helping to save lives

Clinical Brief

Multiple Sclerosis: New Perspectives on the Patient Journey–2019 Update
Summary of an Actuarial Analysis and Report