Legislation & Regulation
John Carroll
Analysts say new competition in the hepatitis C market may not offer lower prices. And Gilead is preparing a higher-cost Sovaldi treatment.
Medication Management
Thomas Reinke
One goal is improved adherence and medication outcomes, something that insurers have striven to achieve for a long time
The Formulary Files
Krishna Rutvij Patel, PharmD
Plan Watch
Frank Diamond

Virginia Calega, MD

Should insurers continue to cover power morcellation for laparoscopic hysterectomies?
Tomorrow's Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD

Thomas Morrow, MD

Fewer inpatient days and better adherence when treating MRSA
News & Commentary

A blueprint for high-volume, high-quality lung cancer screening that is detecting cancer earlier—and helping to save lives

Clinical Brief

Multiple Sclerosis: New Perspectives on the Patient Journey–2019 Update
Summary of an Actuarial Analysis and Report