October 2015

CMS Takes the Lead In Oncology Payment Reform

Only Medicare has the heft and reach to make cancer services more value-based, and recent reforms aim to do just that. Insurers keep close watch.
Thomas Reinke
Most types of prostate cancer progress slowly and, increasingly, men with very moderate or moderate forms of the disease make the same choice as the author.
Richard Mark Kirkner
Cooperation among drugmakers is needed to make these group-effort trials work
Ed Silverman
Supportive care has transformed the patient experience. More drugs than ever are gaining FDA approval. But ASCO’s chief medical officer says the high cost of new treatments causes harm and needs to be addressed.
Interview by Peter Wehrwein
In the era of the $10,000-a-month drug, clinical pathways are the best hope for reining in costs and getting patients the care they need, says the vice president for clinical strategies at Anthem.
Interview by Robert Calandra
Aetna’s national medical director for oncology solutions argues that “variation almost never yields a superior result.” Stick to optimized practices.
Interview by Peter Wehrwein
An Early Report on the Moffitt Oncology Network Initiative
Timothy Kubal, MD, MBA
John W. Peabody, MD, PhD, FACP
Eliot Friedman, MD
Rich Levine, MD
Steve Pursell, MD


Legislation & Regulation

Designed to pay for breakthroughs, the new technology add-on (NTAP) ‘bump’ is also too unpredictable, say drug and device groups.

Richard Mark Kirkner
Tomorrow’s Medicine

Childhood cancer hasn’t been a big money maker. A not-for-profit helped fund the research that led to the approval of a new drug for neuroblastoma.

Thomas Morrow, MD