May 2016

Diagnoses of diabetes go up with expansion. Optimists see a new chance to prevent expensive complications and help with behavioral health issues.

Robert Calandra

Details are yet to come, but officials hope to replicate the impressive clinical and cost saving achievements garnered in a program that has been run out of selected YMCAs.

Frank Diamond

Many new digital health care tools focus on what has too often stumped anti-diabetes efforts in the past: lack of patient engagement.

Thomas Reinke

Up to 70% of people with prediabetes eventually go on to develop type 2 diabetes. But dietary changes and increased physical activity can slow or even prevent progression to full-fledged diabetes.

Jack McCain



Pharma will fight it, but Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders both see liberalization of the rules for drug importation as a way to bring prices down.

Richard Mark Kirkner

A CDC program shows that diabetes prevention works. Solera hopes to link up health plan enrollees with digital and community-based prevention programs.

Thomas Morrow, MD