March 2017

Health reimbursement arrangements are back and could mean health coverage for employees of small businesses. Skeptics believe few businesses will offer HRAs.
Jan Greene
So far the discounts are meh. Physician and patient acceptance, not the usual bag of tricks, may determine market share and ultimate effect on prices.
Thomas Reinke
Hundreds of products are at some stage of development, but only a handful may get on the market in the next few years.
Thomas Reinke
When biologics go off-patent, copycat products could lower oncology expenditures by the millions, if not billions. But the discounts and future market share are far from certain.
Timothy Kelley
Biosimilar companies want the six-month waiting period on sales to start as soon as they file their application, not when the FDA approves the product. The Supreme Court is hearing their case.
Ed Silverman
Drugmakers and beneficiaries love coupons and patient-assistance programs, but they give PBMs and health plans a headache.
Howard Wolinsky

Legislation & Regulation
Diana Furchtgott-Roth, adviser to three Republican presidents, gives her take on the dismantling of the ACA and what may come after.
Richard Mark Kirkner
Medical Directors Forum
Eneida O. Roldan, MD, MPH, MBA