MAY 2019

The contract between UPMC Health Plan and AstraZeneca will help the brand-name antiplatelet drug compete against generic versions of Plavix by lowering the copay to $10.
A study designed to test whether eliminating copays would improve adherence to antiplatelet therapy showed that, yes, indeed, it does. But the results also showed no reduction in major cardiovascular events among those who stuck with the medication.
Too often, the prices of health care services and drugs are cloaked in mystery. A growing consensus demands that patients be given a clearer sense, in advance, of what things will cost. But there are obstacles–and some people benefit from the present confusion.
New federal regulations are pushing for interoperability, but insurers say the 2020 deadlines are unrealistic.
CAR-T treatments are all the rage and showing some remarkable results. But the high price, along with the lack of long-term results, quiets the optimism.
They are touted as an alternative to emergency departments. Private companies are seeing an opportunity. But are urgent care centers meeting a demand or creating one?