American Academy of Pain Management Changes Name

National professional organization is updating, revamping, and expanding programs


The membership of the American Academy of Pain Management has voted to change the organization’s name to the Academy of Integrative Pain Management. For the last 28 years, the Academy was the only national professional organization dedicated to advancing the integrative pain care approaches that now define “best practice” in the National Pain Strategy published by the National Institutes of Health.

“Our mission and our name are finally aligned,” announced Board President Joanna Katzman, MD, MSPH. Dr. Katzman is an Associate Professor of Neurology, Director of the University of New Mexico Pain Center, and Co-Director of the UNM Project ECHO Chronic Pain Program. “The board recommended this change because we want all health care professionals who treat people with pain to know our organization is where to learn about effective, safe, and sane approaches to pain management.”

Executive Director Robert Twillman, PhD, who took over leadership of the (now) Academy of Integrative Pain Management in 2015, has been engaged in updating, revamping, and expanding programs across the organization. He now adds rebranding to that list. In addition to reflecting the organization’s mission to advance integrative care, Dr. Twillman also sees the name change as a strategic business decision.

“Why should we hold onto a ‘generic’ brand name that gets confused with other organizations?” he asked. “We have 28 years of equity in unique expertise as the only organization that has always promoted this comprehensive, multidisciplinary integrated, approach to delivering pain care. That is a great foundation to build upon.”

Both Drs. Katzman and Twillman also said that dropping “American” from the name allows the organization to open up to global opportunities in the future. For now, driving improved pain management practices in the U.S. is their sole focus. Given the national furor over opioid prescribing, the Academy of Integrative Pain Management provides a timely alternative for practitioners to learn a better way.

Following this announcement to the health care community at large, the Academy of Integrative Pain Management will be systematically replacing the old name with the new across its programs. The annual meeting of the Academy being held in September in San Antonio, Texas, will feature the celebratory debut of the new identity.

Source: PR Newswire (link is external); June 16, 2016.

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