CVS selling generic epinephrine autoinjector treat allergic reactions

After months of public criticism on the Purchase Price Increase of Epi-pens , CVS will stock a generic brand named Adrenaclick, still another kind of epinephrine autoinjector, for approximately one sixth of the purchase price. CVS will bill $109.99 for a two-pack in comparison to Mylan’s $600 epi-pen. But it ought to be said that epi-pens and Adrenaclick aren’t curative equivalents, as different epinephrine injectors use various systems to deliver the most contaminated reaction-combatting medicine to people in demand.

As the programs are inherently distinct and aren’t interchangeable, based on Adrenaclick’s site , Both the 2 devices do comprise exactly the exact same stuff, as each one the autoinjector pens utilize the drugs Epinephrine intra-muscular to take care of acute allergies to insect bites and bites along with other compounds. CVS says it cut the price of the generic edition of Adrenaclick by 50 percent so as to satisfy the desperate needs of people that have acute allergy symptoms. The newest price is exactly the same for both patients and people without policy. People who have potentially lethal allergies must continue to keep some sort of autoinjector pencil using them at all moments. The medication expires after six weeks if not properly used, accumulating much more costs for all those who have allergies.

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