Theranos Says It Will Share Blood-Test Information in August

Company’s founder to face questioning at AACC meeting


Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is scheduled to present in-house data on August 1 at the annual conference of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC). This is the first time Theranos has agreed to share scientific information related to its controversial Edison blood-testing devices.

An abstract released by the AACC indicates that Holmes will present data on how the finger-prick test works and how it compares with standard blood-draw tests.

The abstract states: “This presentation will describe the Theranos lab testing framework, which consists of a finger-stick blood collection and storage device, technologies for processing small volume samples in a centralized setting, and a compact fully-integrated and automated field-deployable diagnostic testing platform. Ms. Holmes will present reproducibility and correlation data for various tests comparing Theranos’ capillary collection and storage device with traditional venipuncture methods.”

After her presentation, Holmes will participate in a moderator-led question-and-answer session.

Theranos is currently the target of a federal criminal investigation. The company also faces lawsuits over its recent invalidation of two years’ worth of blood tests. Recently, the Walgreens pharmacy chain cast a vote of “no confidence” when it closed all 40 of its “Theranos Wellness Centers,” where customers could have their blood drawn.

In April, the Department of Justice launched investigations into whether Theranos and its executives misled investors regarding the efficacy of its blood-testing devices. News of the criminal probes came less than a week after reports revealed that the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services was considering slapping Holmes with a two-year suspension from the blood-testing industry for failures to address deficiencies uncovered at the company’s lab facilities in California.

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