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Virus may have originated in snakes, say researchers
Host Dan Gorenstein was the senior health care reporter on the Marketplace radio program
Health care is a big enough job, say progressive think tankers
The public "don't rock the boat" option could lead to universal coverage, says the internists' organization
Study finds fewer than half of trials followed the law
WHO to meet tomorrow to decide on international public heath emergency declaration
Study of posted prices finds wild variations and missing data
Potential contamination could lead to supply chain disruptions
Despite older, sicker patients, mortality rate fell by a third in 10 years
Globalfit uses dynamic pricing algorithm
Alex Borisy has raised $200 million and has Peter Bach, Sandra Horning onboard
Democrats shouldn't fall for an industry talking poiint, says former insurance exec turned critic
Revenue from MA plans grew by $7.8 billion
Acasti reports disappointing results for a second Omega-3-based drug
Declining lung cancer mortality helped fuel the progress
Kinase inhibitor targets tumors with a PDGFRA exon 18 mutation
Delayed surgery reduces benefits; premature surgery raises risks
Mortality nearly doubled when patients stopped using their drugs
Neurodevelopmental deficits detected in Colombian toddlers
Improvement in overall survival fails to reach statistical significance
So far in January, the increases average 5%
Fast-acting insulin aspart may simplify mealtime dosing
Simple change in dosage and route may improve a century-old vaccine
It would mean longer patent protection for chemically synthesized polypeptides
Government will lose out on $373.2 billion if Cadillac tax, device tax, and HIT are nixed as expected