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Lawmakers consider increasing pay for doctors caring for Medicaid beneficiaries.
Some fear that safety is being sacrificed because of lobbying by the medical device industry.
First Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitor Approved for AML in Adults Aged 75 and Older
Gene Therapy Granted Regenerative Medicine, Fast Track Designations
More Than 80,000 Injuries Have Been Associated With Medical Devices for Pain Management Since 2008
Oncology Therapy for Adult and Pediatric Tumors With a Neurotrophic Receptor Tyrosine Kinase (NTRK) Gene Fusion
If the draft recommendation is approved, insurers will have to cover the medication without charging copays or deductibles.
First and Only Treatment for Rare Hyper-Inflammation Syndrome With High Mortality
First-Line Treatment for People With Life-Threatening Blood Disorder
Use of Non-Approved Pain Medications Could Cause Dosing Errors, Pump Failures
The agency has also put its epidemic intelligence agents on the case.
Meanwhile, primary care office visits to nurse practitioners and physician assistants skyrocketed 129% during the same period.
Health insurers worry that a flush hospital industry that spends more on direct-to-consumer ads might get the upper hand in negotiations.
The disease management company promises to lower the A1C levels of diabetes patients, or health plans won’t have to pay for the program.