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They celebrated a recent court ruling blocking the Trump administration’s attempt to have drug prices disclosed on TV adds, as well they should.
Is it just the genes, though? A participant in the New England Centenarian Study says that an optimistic outlook may also hold the key to longevity.
Manufacturers’ lobbying efforts have allowed them to dodge or beat back every effort to increase regulatory oversight.
NY Hospitals Required to Implement Protocols in Suspected Cases
Presence of BOK Protein Key for Positive Treatment Response
Patient Access to Inhaler Use Data Could Improve Asthma Management
The agency wants to see if presenting this alternative treatment for low back pain for Medicare patients will lessen opioid use.
There’s too much riding on the SDP for Congress to drag its feet on reallocation.
For all of their “connectedness,” young people have trouble making friends.
The former vice president and present presidential candidate argues that Medicare for all is the wrong way to fix the health care system.
Aside from the positive effect on outcomes and cost, it has the added benefit of being the morally right thing to do.
It’s difficult to find a consumer group more educated about health care than doctors, but a new working paper suggests they’re only a little better at choosing then the rest of us.
The increasing out-of-pocket costs for working parents gives them little choice but to try to obtain coverage by other means.
We have an obligation to help even those who seem intent on hurting themselves.