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Cover Story

Making the Case for a Health Care Fed: Should Uncle Sam Decide What Works?

Health Care Should Be More Transparent

Harness Information To Make Health Care Work

Something 'NICE' Can Come Out Of This

When Physicians Skills Fail Collaboration Beats Punishment

Debating RICO Suits vs. Health Plans


A Health Care Management Company's Experience with Palivizumab


A Conversation With Peter Lee

Full contents for January 2002


Cover Story

Health Care Cost Control: Getting on the Right Track

Push Is On for Improved Treatment of Women's Psychological Maladies

Proposal To Regulate Formularies Draws Sharp Difference of Opinion


Reframing the Pharmaceutical Manufacturer/Health Plan Relationship in Managed Care

Practice Improvement

Why You Should Care About Improving Clinical Practice

Full contents for February 2002


Cover Story

Defined Contribution: Threat... or Fad?

The California Department of Managed Health Care

Some Lessons To Be Learned From Canadian Health System

DM Vendors Start To Address Costs Created by Comorbidities


An In-Office Diagnostic Procedure To Detect Dermatophytes In a Nationwide Study of Onychomycosis Patients

Practice Improvement

"Getting Patients in the Door Faster Can Boost Satisfaction, Outcomes"


A Conversation With Alan T. Wright, MD

Full contents for March 2002


Cover Story

Medicare+Choice: Uncertain Future for Unstable Program

"As Managed Care Turns 10, Where We Goofed, Where We Called It"

Cross-Border Traffic Highlights Differences in U.S., Canadian Systems

Where 'Do No Harm' Meets 'The Right Thing To Do'

HMOs Should Prepare Now To Get Handle on Injectables

HMOs Have Stake in Quelling Anger at Drug Store Counters

Does Quality of Care Matter? You Bet!


The Effect of Practitioner Compensation on HMO Consumer Satisfaction

Full contents for April 2002


Cover Story

Hospital Copayments: At What Cost?

Will Your State's Privacy Law Be Superseded by HIPAA?

A Comment on the Movie 'John Q'

Medicare+EvenMoreChoice: U.S. Encourages PPO Option

Self-Funded HMOs on the Rise


Estimating Pediatric Primary Care Provider Visits In a Capitated Environment: Encounter vs. Claims Databases

Practice Improvement

Team-Care Approach Catching On


A Conversation with Thomas Scully

Full contents for May 2002


Cover Story

A Look at Kaiser CEOs Legacy: 'Faith in Quality Never Waned'

Meet George C. Halvorson

DM and Medicare: A Marriage Made in Heaven?


Diabetes Disease Management in a Community-Based Setting

Practice Improvement

"First Business, Now Health Care: Signing Away One's Right To Sue"


Q&A with David M. Lawrence

Full contents for June 2002


Cover Story

Has Capitation Weathered the Storm?

Managing the Drug Benefit: One Company's Experience

Coverage of Obesity Problematic for Most Health Plans

Premium Hikes: No Cause for Celebration

Practice Improvement

Working Too Hard, Doctor? Poor Work Flow Could Be To Blame

Full contents for July 2002


Cover Story

Moving Consumers to the Head of the Class

Lobbyists That the Founders Just Never Dreamed of


Examining Costs of Chronic Conditions In a Medicaid Population


A Conversation with Richard D. Lamm

Full contents for August 2002


Cover Story

When Success Sours: PBMs Under Scrutiny

"Here and There, Work Is Under Way to Reform Med School Curriculum"

Managing 9/11-Related Stress

Practice Improvement

Improving Quality Starts With Changing the Culture


Q&A; with Richard L. Hamer

Full contents for September 2002


Cover Story

Prevent Crime From Paying: Fight Managed Care Fraud

Tracking Disparities in Care

Hospitalists Make It Look Easy

Quality Improvement: It's Not the Road You Take -- It's Getting There That Counts


Is 34 Weeks an Acceptable Goal For a Complicated Singleton Pregnancy?

Full contents for October 2002


Cover Story

Should Consumers Be Present On an HMO's Board of Directors?

Formulary Submission Process Catches On ... Slowly

Companies Leaning on Workers in Battle Against Pharmacy Costs

Applause, Catcalls Greet Retainer Medicine


Measuring Efficiency of Physician Practices Using Data Envelopment Analysis

Full contents for November 2002


Cover Story

Blues on the Move

Beware the Double-Edged Sword of the Malpractice Crisis

Same-Day Appointments Promise Increased Productivity


A Conversation With Jonathan T. Lord, MD

Full contents for December 2002

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