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Cover Story

Health Plans Strain To Contain Rapidly Rising Cost of Imaging

Drug-Development Process Already Subject to Oversight

P4P: Transitional at Best

Health Plans Slow To Adopt Outpatient Prospective Payment

The Comeback Kid: Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Breast Cancer Screening: Some Plans Do Better Than Others


A Conversation With John Abramson, MD

Full contents for January 2005


Cover Story

Power to the People: Newt's Battle Cry

Managed Care (and Everyone Else) Unprepared for the Next Killer Flu

Information: It's Better When You Share


Managing Drugs for Rare Genetic Diseases: Trends and Insights

Full contents for February 2005


Cover Story

HSAs: Early Returns Are In

Kaiser's Asthma Outcomes Will Take Your Breath Away

Direct-to-Consumer Ads Garner Mixed Outcomes

Does Your Managed Medicare Plan Have Enough Geriatricians?


A Conversation with John Sory, Pfizer Health Solutions

Full contents for March 2005


Cover Story

Insurers Give Substance Abuse New Identity: It’s a Disease

Starting Medicare Advantage Plan Brings Special Set of Problems

Can Managed Care Programs Rein in Medicaid's Runaway Budgets?

Time To Decipher Legislation's DNA


Clinical and Economic Effects of Coronary Restenosis After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in a Managed Care Population

Full contents for April 2005


Cover Story

Are Consumers Really Directing Their Own Care?

Evaporation of Retiree Benefits May Be Health Plan Opportunity

Predictive Modeling & Genomics: Marriage of Promise and Risk

Hospitals May See Plans as Their New Confidant


Implementing Medicare Part D Could Get Ugly

Full contents for May 2005


Cover Story

The Re-Emergence of the Primary Care Physician

UnitedHealth Stakes Claims On New Drug Safety Program

Consumer-Directed and Home-Brewed

It's a Small World After All: Outsourcing Makes Inroads


Consumer-Directed Health Plans: Enrollee Views, Early Employer Experience


A Conversation with Mark Frisse, MD, MBA, MSc

Full contents for June 2005


Cover Story

Momentum Shifts Toward Consumer-Directed Plans

Is Pay for Performance Part of the Cure or the Problem?

For More and More Workers, Small Pay Means Small Plans

Change in Thinking For Pharmacy Benefits in CDHP

Full contents for July 2005


Cover Story

12 DM Trends You Should Know About

Consumers in This Market Struggle To Keep Their HMOs

Steadily, Plans Increase Coverage of Unorthodox Medical Therapies

Can a Health Plan's Free EMR 'Lite' Be Useful to Doctors & Hospitals?


Evaluating the Nondrug Costs of Formulary Coverage Restrictions

Full contents for August 2005


Cover Story

The Private Sector Can, Should, and Will Help Solve the Problem of the Uninsured

Plans Struggle for Control of Specialty Pharma Costs

No Easy Fit For Specialty Hospitals


'There's Now a Correct Method For Defining ROI in Disease Management'

Full contents for September 2005


Cover Story

The Lure of Tax Reform


Medtronic, Early Adopter of CDHP, More Than Satisfied With Result

Just How Will CDHC Change Your Job?

Cover Dietary Supplements? Some Plans Say Yes

What Docs Hate Most About Plans


17 Alpha-Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate (17P) Usage in a Medicaid Managed Care Plan and Reduction in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Days

Full contents for October 2005


Cover Story

Physicians and Plans Can Get Along

How Many More Quarters of Profits on the Way?

Health Plans by Design, Not by Default

Addressing the Hidden Costs of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Predictive Modeling Expands Its Book of Techniques


Trying To Make Biotech Attractive to Payers: A Conversation with Jayson Slotnik, MPH, JD

Full contents for November 2005


Cover Story

Consumers Don't Know What They Don't Know

The Ethical Way In a Season of Change

Putting EBM To Work (Easier Said Than Done)

Flu's Other Cost


The Cost Benefit to Health Plans of Pharmacotherapy for Alzheimer's Disease

Full contents for December 2005

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