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Cover Story

What Doctors Don't Know About the New Plan Designs

Can We Design a Fair Benefit For Bariatric Surgery?

Case Management Meets Home Care

Old Techniques Never Die, Nor Even Fade Away


A Conversation with James Robinson, PhD

Full contents for January 2006


Cover Story

Don't Bet That Problems With Part D Are Over


Consumer-Directed Health Pains

Hospitalists No Longer Novel

Consolidations Should Bring Nationwide Contracts

Full contents for February 2006


Cover Story

Deciding Factor: How Much Health Care is Discretionary?

It's Time for CMS to Release Physician Medicare Claim Information

New Tools to Detect Fraud Rely on Discovering Patterns

Tiers Reach New Heights Under Part D


A Conversation with Lucinda (Cindy) Ehnes, JD: Leveling the Field For Docs and Plans

Full contents for March 2006


Cover Story

'Take My Word for It': The Enduring Dispute Over Measuring DM's Economic Value

Insurers Rely on Providers To Screen for Depression


The Cost-Effectiveness of Omega-3 Supplements For Prevention of Secondary Coronary Events


A Conversation with Paul Fronstin, PhD: Current Crop of Consumer-Directed Plans More 'Lite' Than 'Heavy'

Full contents for April 2006


Cover Story

Health Plans Are Ill-Prepared for Looming Diabetes Epidemic

New Treatment Approaches To Diabetes

Effective Ways To Increase Usage of Generics

Looking for a Better Way To Manage Care


A Conversation with Michael E. Porter, Phd, and Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg, PhD

Full contents for May 2006


Cover Story

When New Drugs Are Costly, How High to Raise Copays?

Opinions on DM Outcomes Can Be Swayed

Retail Medical Clinics Draw Patients & Payers

Hard to Curb Overuse of Drug-Eluting Stents


When Overcrowding Paralyzes an Emergency Department

Full contents for June 2006


Cover Story

Employers' Stock in Wellness Rises With No End in Sight

Oncologic PET Study Seeks Basis for Coverage Decisions

Banks Give Insurers an Offer Most of Them Cannot Refuse

High-Tech Imaging Full of Kickback Dangers

Managed Care Prepares For the Worst

Full contents for July 2006


Cover Story

Return to Jackson Hole? The Push for a Standard Benefit

Finding Opportunity Where Business Models Meet

Although Employers Need Depression Programs, They May Not Know It Yet

Everyone Uses E-mail Now (Except Doctors and Patients)


A Conversation with Molly Coye, MD, MPH: Building the Paperless Health Care System

Full contents for August 2006


Cover Story

Managed Medicare Revitalized: Feel-Good Plan of the Decade

PBMs Raise the Curtain

Pharma Tackles Patient Adherence


Compliance With Antithrombotic Guidelines: Current Practice, Barriers, and Strategies For Improvement


A Conversation with Jeanne Scott

Full contents for September 2006


Cover Story

Satisfying the P&T Committee's Need for More Evidence

So You Want To Be a Manager?

From Pharmacist to Manager, With Many Hurdles Along the Way

The Logjam Went Data Way

Tightly Organized Doctors Seen as Best Bet for Quality


A Conversation with Arthur Caplan, PhD

Full contents for October 2006


Cover Story

Genetic Testing: Major Opportunity, Major Problems

Rocky Mountain's Success with Chronic Care Model


Implementing Disease Management Programs for Type 2 Diabetes in Germany


A Conversation with James E. Hartert, MD, Prime Therapeutics

Full contents for November 2006


Cover Story

Confronting The Medicare Cost Shift

Bill for Poor Physician Credentialing Could Run to Millions of Dollars

ICUs Cut Costs by Hiring Intensivists

Paying Lip Service To 'Consumer Control'


A Conversation With Michael L. Millenson: Health Care Reform Movement Has Only Scratched Surface

Full contents for December 2006

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