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Cover Story

Erosion of Employer-Sponsored Health Care: Bad for Everyone

Will 'Mea Culpa' Work for Health Plans Too?

Employers Publish Guide on Prevention's Worth

Rise of the PHR


The Use of Therapeutic Interchange For Biologic Therapies

Full contents for January 2007


Cover Story

Health Plans Can Learn From VHA Turnaround

As Drug Payment Model Changes, Confusion Grows Among Insurers

Why Market Competition Will Not Mend Our Health Care System

How Much Trouble Does Health Care Marketing Cause?

Punishing Bad Behavior

Full contents for February 2007


Cover Story

Managing Cancer Treatment Begins Before Diagnosis

NCQA Shifts Focus On Physician Performance

Give Patients the Tools To Make Good Decisions

Plans Put Greater Emphasis On Cancer Management


Applying the Planned Care Model To Intimate Partner Violence

Full contents for March 2007


Cover Story

Mergers: Is Bigger Better?

Managed Care Seeks More from Clinical Laboratories

Do P&T Committees Have Enough Power?

Medical Tourism Takes Off, But Not Without Debate

What If Managed Care Had Never Been Invented?


A Conversation With Emad Rizk, MD: Disease Management Beyond the Call Center

Full contents for April 2007


Cover Story

Following the Leaders

Massive Databases Under Construction

Keys to Diabetes Control? Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance

Medicare Advantage Hits Jackpot with Private Fee-for-Service Plans


The Appropriate Omalizumab Patient

Full contents for May 2007


Cover Story

What the Primary Care Physician Shortage Means for Health Plans

Sobering Stats Invite Insurers To Fight Alcoholism Effectively

Gum Control: Should the Medical Benefit Cover Some Dental Services?

What the Devil Is Information Therapy?


A Conversation With Jonathan Weiner, DrPH

Full contents for June 2007


Cover Story

Better Ways to Pay Providers

A Model Approach to Biologics

Why Blogs?

Hospitals Asked To Account For Errors on Their Watch


Determining the Cost-Effectiveness of a Computer-Based Smoking Cessation Intervention in Primary Care

Full contents for July 2007


Cover Story

Employers Roll Up Their Sleeves

Consumer-Directed Health Plans: Built to Last Or Designed to Fail?

Evidence-Based Medicine Is Not Enough


A Conversation with James C. Schibanoff, MD

Full contents for August 2007


Cover Story

Do Out-of-Pocket Payments Put Preventive Care on Hold?

Pay for Performance in Pharmacy Is More Theory Than Reality

Go Carefully When Measuring Quality

Does the Chronic Care Model Signal Big Changes for DM?


Comparison of Human Growth Hormone Products' Cost in Pediatric and Adult Patients

Full contents for September 2007


Cover Story

Asheville's Legacy: Pharmacy Moves From Dispensing to Clinical Management

Can Insurer, Oncology Practice Really Work Together?

Early Tiered Networks Encounter Many Obstacles

Proceduralists Seem Up To the Task


Lessons From the Front: A Conversation with William Winkenwerder Jr., MD, MBA

Full contents for October 2007


Cover Story

The Evolving Health Plan

Blues Build on CMS Program To Boost Hospital Quality

Plans Unsettled By Prospect of Democrat in White House

New Imaging Controls Strict, But May Be Easier on Doctors


Evolution of TennCare Yields Valuable Lessons

Full contents for November 2007


Cover Story

How Doctors Are Paid Now, And Why It Has to Change

U.S. Health Insurers Find Opportunities Overseas

Drugs to Plan For in 2008

Insurers Get Involved in Campaign Against Hospital-Acquired Infections

Large Plans Do Well Under Part D, But Premium Hikes Cloud Future

Full contents for December 2007

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