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Cover Story

Leading With Its Heart Program

Plans Look Askance at Me-Too Medications

Lax Coding by Physicians Hurts Medicare Advantage Plans

Now Is the Time for Pharmacy Performance Incentives

The Managed Care Forecast


Optimizing the Use of 17P In Pregnant Managed Medicaid Members

Full contents for January 2008


Cover Story

Wellness Programs: No Longer Just an Add-On

Why Is It So Tough to Deliver On E-Prescribing’s Promise?

What’s the ROI on Wellness?

Federal and State Governments Pressed to Give Tax Breaks For Wellness Initiatives

You Will Live Healthily!


In Chronic Disease, Nationwide Data Show Poor Adherence by Patients to Medication and by Physicians to Guidelines

Full contents for February 2008


Cover Story

What Makes Harvard Pilgrim So Good?

Health 2.0: Will Its Promise Be Realized?

Health Plans Embrace Retail Clinics

The Epilepsy Battle in the War Between Brands and Generics

Health Plans Come Together for Better Outcomes Research

Aetna and Hannaford Make a Singapore Connection

Full contents for March 2008


Cover Story

Mental Health Parity: At Long Last?

Insurers and Oncologists Forge a Better Cancer Drug Policy

How to Dramatically Decrease Your MCO’s Rx Coverage Costs

Insurers Rush to Fill States’ Medicaid Needs

Could a Wal-Mart PBM Succeed?


Using Option-Based Contracts to Improve Health Outcomes


A Conversation With Bruce Bagley, MD

Full contents for April 2008


Cover Story

Explosive Numbers

Medicare’s Big Changes

How MCOs Can Get Optimal Value from Their Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Delivering RomneyCare


A Conversation With Reed Tuckson, MD: Championing Change from the Inside

Full contents for May 2008


Cover Story

During Economic Downturn, Diversity Relieves the Pain

Smoking Programs Succeed for Plans and Patients

Clinical Decision Support On Slow Road to Adoption


Health Plan Joins With Physical Therapy Facility to Manage Back and Neck Pain


An Evidence Base For Primary Care: A Conversation with Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH

Full contents for June 2008


Cover Story

Many Changes in Store As Physicians Become Employees

Bring ‘Young Invincibles’ Into the System

Future Shock for Insurers

Payers Struggle to Ensure High Level of Adherence to Costly Specialty Drugs

How Long Is Too Long?

Full contents for July 2008


Cover Story

Health Plan Foundations: How Well Are They Spending the Money?

Plans Feel Pressure to Vaccinate More Adults

States Increasingly Mandate Special Autism Services


Evaluation of a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System for Home-Use Conditions


Tracking Trends in Plan Design: A Conversation With Blaine J. Bos

Full contents for August 2008


Cover Story

Building a ‘Terribly Smart’ Doc: A Conversation with David Eddy, MD, PhD

Don’t Get Caught By PBMs’ MAC Mousetraps

Messing With Medicare Advantage

MedPAC Proposals Echo Private Payers’ Own Concerns

And the Winner Is ...

Full contents for September 2008


Cover Story

Reform — Does It Just Mean More Regulation?

Help Members to Avoid A Part D Doughnut Hole Crisis

Insurer’s Obesity Program In N.C. Reduces Medical Cost

It’s Time to Ask More of Utilization Management


Loss of Confidence in Diabetes Management

Full contents for October 2008


Cover Story

Is Care Coordination Making Carve-outs Less Desirable?

Oncologists Plead For Fairer Drug Payments

Will Biomarkers Bring Smarter Care?

Plans Slow to Cover At-Home BP Monitoring


Keep Employers In a Primary Role

Full contents for November 2008


Cover Story

Countdown Nears for Launch of ICD-10

Home, (Not So) Sweet, Medical Home

Health Insurers Well Positioned, But Must Plan for Cost Pressure

Price Hikes Spur Part D Debate

Prediabetes: Prevalent and Preventable But Underdiagnosed and Undertreated


Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy: Cost Effective Pharmacologic Treatments

Full contents for December 2008

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