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Cover Story

Disruptive Innovations That Will Change Your Life in Health Care

Don't Get Trapped By PBMs' Rebate Labeling Games

Multifaceted Diabetes Program Pays Off for HealthPartners

Health Plans: Disrupt and Prosper

Q&A with Clayton Christensen, DBA

Network-Model Health Plans May Be Tomorrow’s Dinosaurs

Full contents for January 2009


Cover Story

It’s No Longer Just Members Who Are Suing Health Plans

Are Health Plans Responding to Primary Care Shortage?

Health Plans Join Up for the Genomics Revolution

What Does the Future Hold for Disease Management?

Today’s Technology Can Facilitate Collaborative Network Management


Effect of Drug Therapy on HEDIS Measurements of HbA1c Control In Diabetes Patients

Full contents for February 2009


Cover Story

Million-Dollar Claim Club

Providers Enlisted To Curtail Waste

Cigna’s CDHP Study Bolsters Prevention

Plans and Physicians in Hawaii Experiment With Online 'Visits'

Modern Cardiovascular Programs Cut Costs, Inpatient Days, and Deaths


A Conversation With Dee W. Edington, PhD: Changing Culture To Support Wellness

Full contents for March 2009


Cover Story

Comparative Effectiveness: An Idea Whose Time Has Finally Come

Health Plans and Providers Struggle to Fix Payment System

Molecular Diagnostic Testing Presents $5 Billion Conundrum


Barriers to Breast Cancer Screening In a Managed Care Population


Reaping the Benefits of a Connected System

Full contents for April 2009


Cover Story

If You Think It’s Bad Now, Plans Could See Worse

Managing the Cost of Diagnosis

How To Develop Coverage Policies For Molecular Diagnostics

The Federal Stimulus Package: What’s in It for You?

When Should Insurers Cover Off-Label Drug Usage?


A Conversation With Stephen C. Schoenbaum, MD, MPH

Full contents for May 2009


Cover Story

Employers Move Into Primary Care

Alzheimer’s Drug Pipeline Is Robust, And Usage Is Quickly Expanding

Liability Concern Balances Medical Tourism’s Cost Appeal

Can a Medical ‘Facebook’ Help Your Plan Thrive?


Evaluating the Tools Used to Assess the Medical Home

Full contents for June 2009


Cover Story

How to Save a Bundle on Hospital Readmissions

Want to Change Patients’ Behavior? Look to the Internet

Is Your Online Formulary Guide Ready for Uncle Sam’s Scrutiny?


Effect of Patient Medication Cost Share on Adherence and Glycemic Control


A Conversation With Thomas E. Getzen, PhD: How Much Are We Willing to Spend?

Full contents for July 2009


Cover Story

Value-Based Insurance Design: Spend a Little More On Selected Patients For Payoff Down the Line

Inventive Approaches Curtail Imaging Costs

Health Care Reform Push Pits States Against Feds

Part D in Crosshairs for 2009

Use a Value-Based Strategy for Biotech Medications

Control Specialty Drug Cost By Making Your PBM Helpful


A Conversation with the Dartmouth Atlas Project’s Elliott Fisher, MD, MPH

Full contents for August 2009


Cover Story

Accountable Care Organizations Give Capitation Surprise Encore

Plans Clamp Down on Utilization and Doctors’ Tempers Flare

Are You Prepared for ICD-10?

Insurers Prepare for 2nd Wave of H1N1 Flu


Medicare Part D Offers Template for Success

Full contents for September 2009


Cover Story

Large PBMs Transform Old Business Models

Docs and Insurers Work To Advance Health Literacy

Insurers Slow to Adopt Social Media Practices


Hypertension Epidemiology and Economic Burden: Refining Risk Assessment To Lower Costs


A Conversation with Richard ‘Buz’ Cooper, MD

Full contents for October 2009


Cover Story

How Patient-Centered Medical Homes May Change U.S. Medicine

Will the New Fat-Fighter Drugs Be More Worthy of Coverage?

Research Topics Underpin Comparative Effectiveness


Effect of Social Work Intervention On Hospital Discharge Transition Planning In a Special Needs Population


A conversation with James Sabin, MD: When Values Clash

Full contents for November 2009


Cover Story

Who’s Tackling Rampant Overutilization? Health Plans!

How Insurers Can Bear The Burden of Proof for New Treatments

Community Pharmacy Struggles To Remain Relevant


A Claims-Based View of Health Care Charges And Utilization for Commercially Insured Patients with Osteoarthritis


A Conversation with Brent C. James, MD

Full contents for December 2009

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