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Cover Story

House Call Revival, Digital-Style

Inpatient Rehab Facilities Benefit Post-Stroke Care

States Collect Valuable Data On Hospital Prices and Performance

How Plans Can Improve Outcomes And Cut Costs for Preterm Infant Care

Not Your Father’s Cadillac Plan

Higher Copayments and Deductibles Delay Medical Care, A Common Problem for Americans

Episode-of-Care Payment Creates Clinical Advantages

Full contents for January 2010


Cover Story

Meaningful Use: Tasty Carrot or Big, Brutal Stick?

HIT Decisions Lie on the Horizon, But Savings Remain Elusive

Generics Offer Pharmacy Plans Specific Benefits

Health Management Uses IT To Reduce Future Costs


Impact of 17P Usage on NICU Admissions In a Managed Medicaid Population — A Five-Year Review


A Conversation with AHRQ’s P. Jon White, MD

Full contents for February 2010


Cover Story

DM Grows, Though Under Fire

HIEs Are Slow Going But Critical Part of HIT

Many States Preparing Laws Rejecting Individual Mandate

Small Hospitals Face Heavy Weather


Opioid Use Patterns and Health Care Resource Utilization in Patients Prescribed Opioid Therapy With and Without Constipation

Full contents for March 2010


Cover Story

Some Plans May Prosper Despite Medicare Advantage Cuts

Lessons from European Models for Universal Coverage

New Drugs Continue to Lack Info P&T Committees Need

Medicare Gets Serious About Payment Cuts

Young Docs Not Confident They Have Business Sense

Q & A

Despite the Reform Law, Don’t Write Off Single Payer

Full contents for April 2010


Cover Story

Opportunities Abound In Reform’s Wake

Paying More Than You Should For Outpatient Procedures?

Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Flu?

Physician Board Certification Isn’t What It Used to Be

When an Implanted Device Is Recalled, Do You Have a System to Deal With It?


Teaching Residents Established Guidelines And Standards of Care To Strengthen Their Cost-Containment Practices


A Conversation with Jeffrey Kang, MD, MPH

Full contents for May 2010


Cover Story

Insurers, Physicians Must Work Together

Increased Abandonment of Prescriptions Means Less Control of Chronic Conditions

Making Sense of the Reform Law’s Insurance Pools & Exchanges

Many More Medicaid Members — If the States Choose to Cooperate


A Conversation with David B. Nash, MD, MBA

Full contents for June 2010


Cover Story

Will the Employer-Based System Collapse?

Vaccination: Is 1 oz. of Prevention Still Worth 1 lb. of Cure?

Health Care Fraud Resistant to Reform

Specialists Putting Mark On Strained Primary Care


Comparison of Amlodipine/Valsartan Fixed-Dose Combination Therapy and Conventional Therapy


A Conversation with Larry S. Boress: Employers Want More Cooperation From Plans

Full contents for July 2010


Cover Story

Lessons Learned in Building The Patient-Centered Medical Home

Health Plans Prepare to Meet Challenges of Climate Change

Medicare’s New Head — And What He’s Said

The Forces That Feed Medical Travel

Drug Pipeline Loses Pressure


Cost-Sharing Effects on Adherence and Persistence For Second-Generation Antipsychotics In Commercially Insured Patients


A Conversation with Leonard Fleck, PhD: Public Deserves Honest Debate On Rationing

Full contents for August 2010


Cover Story

Defined Contribution: Magic Bullet?

When Is a Brand a Generic? In a Contract With a PBM

Provenge Approval Means Sensitive Coverage Decisions

Holistic Care Management Requires IT Integration

Helping Hispanics Means Improving Preventive Care

Interim Federal High-Risk Groups May Far Exceed $5B Allocation

$10B to Study Payment Systems


A Conversation with Ted Eytan, MD: Social Media Are Your Friends

Full contents for September 2010


Cover Story

Accountable Care Organizations Hold Promise, But Will They Achieve Cost and Quality Targets?

Specialty Pharmacy Management Will Become More Intense

Medco Pushes the Envelope on Consumer Communications

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Poses Management Challenge

Funding Up for Grabs in Medicare Advantage


Identifying Characteristics of Patients With Low Urgency Emergency Department Visits In a Managed Care Setting


A Conversation with Jeff Goldsmith, PhD: Reform Opens the Door For Consumer-Oriented Market

Full contents for October 2010


Cover Story

Renewed Emphasis on Top-Tier Physicians

Don’t Pay Too Much for Generic Fills

Stroke Rehabilitation Requires Knowing What Level a Patient Needs


Payer and Provider Collaborations that Improve Quality Outcomes in Oncology


A Conversation with Randall S. Krakauer, MD: Meeting Medicare Challenges

Full contents for November 2010


Cover Story

Plans Confront Specialty Pharmacy’s Escalating Costs in Variety of Ways

Health Insurers Need Social Media Presence

What Do You Do About ER Costs?

5010 Compliance Effort Keeps Eye on Deadlines

Is ‘Mobile Health’ Revolution Made for Managed Care?


How the Doughnut Hole Affects Prescription Fulfillment Decisions Involving Cardiovascular Medications For Medicare Part D Enrollees

Full contents for December 2010

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