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Cover Story

UnitedHealthcare’s Bold Effort to Deal with Cancer Drug Costs

ACOs Will Depend on HIEs, With an Assist From Plans

Vision Plans Hope to Gain Access To State Insurance Exchanges

Can Self-Management Programs Ease Chronic Conditions?

Managing Fibromyalgia: Supporting self-management brings many advantages


A Conversation with Allan M. Korn, MD: It’s Time to Get Aggressive On Patient Safety

Full contents for January 2011


Cover Story

Changing Payment Methodologies Force Physicians Into Larger Groups

Many Federal CER Projects Will Benefit Managed Care

Next Generation Anticoagulants May Push Warfarin to the Wayside

Can Value-Based Design in Pharmacy Save Money and Cut Heart Attacks?


Health Care Utilization & Costs For Cystic Fibrosis Patients with Pulmonary Infections


Renewing Calls for Better Cost Profiling of Providers: A Conversation With Ateev Mehrotra, MD, MPH

Full contents for February 2011


Cover Story

The Business Case for Process Improvement

Can Arthroplasty’s Costs Be Contained?

Home Is Where the Care Is?

US Family Health Plan Satisfies Members in Many Ways

Stressed States Open Doors to Medicaid Managed Care

Formulary Management

Part D Model Guidelines Updated Far Too Infrequently

Full contents for March 2011


Cover Story: Transitions of Care

Poor Transitions of Care Can Be Corrected Now

Retail Clinics Expand In Numbers, Services


Effects of a Pregnancy Management Program On Birth Outcomes in Managed Medicaid


A Conversation With Peter J. Pronovost, MD, PhD: His Program Reduces Bloodstream Infections Across the Country

Transitions of Care

Geisinger’s Embedded Nurses Improve Transitions

Full contents for April 2011


Cover Story

"High Quality Saves Money," Or So the Story Goes

Are We Finally Getting Serious About Medical Errors?

Adherence to Biologics Demands Greater Attention

FDA Approvals of Old Drugs Put New Pressure on Payers

Emerging Insights About Measuring Disease Management Outcomes


Economic Benefits of Improved Insulin Stability In Insulin Pumps

Full contents for May 2011


Cover Story

Onerous Regulations Put ACOs on Ropes

Payers Step in With 'Real-World' Comparative Effectiveness Research

Pursuing a Bang for the Buck In the Battle of the Bulge

Plans Breathe Life Into COPD Efforts


Health Care Costs Associated With Treatment Modification in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients Taking Oral Anti-diabetic Drugs


A Conversation With Michael Kanter, MD: Casting a Wider Net

Full contents for June 2011


Cover Story

What Can Be Done to Counteract Growing Power of Providers?

Accountable Care — But the Patient Isn’t Accountable

Giving Members a Say In Benefit Plan Design

Will That Defibrillator Really Do The Job?


A Conversation With Regina E. Herzlinger, PhD: A New Individual Market on the Horizon

Full contents for July 2011


Cover Story

Health Plans Seek Leverage When Physicians Submit Extremely High Bills

Health Plans Cannot Ignore Express Scripts-Medco Deal

Will Mental Health’s ‘Bible’ Make Believers of Insurers?

Nurses Join the Executive Pool

The History and Future of Personalized Medicine


Outcomes and Costs Associated With Initial Maintenance Therapy With Fluticasone Propionate-Salmeterol Xinafoate 250 μg/50 μg Combination Versus Tiotropium In Commercially Insured Patients With COPD

Full contents for August 2011


Cover Story

At Long Last… Pay for Outcomes Starts to Replace Pay for Performance

Heart Failure Treatment Gaps Costs Lives, Hikes Expenses

Biologics Debate Heats Up Between FDA, NCCN


Meeting the Challenges and Burdens Associated With Hereditary Angioedema


A Conversation with David Nace, MD: Primary Care Stakes a Big Tent

Full contents for September 2011

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