Research Articles from Managed Care

John W. Hales, MA, PhD Stephen George, PharmD, MS, RPh

As Part D enrollees approach their coverage limits, their decisions are significantly affected through the doughnut hole period

James W. Davis, PhD Ronald Y. Fujimoto, DO Henry Chan, BS Deborah T. Juarez, Sc.D

A straightforward method of identifying potentially non-urgent ED visits from administrative data can be employed to calculate population-based rates, which might be applied in the development of managed care programs

Teresa B. Gibson, PhD Yonghua Jing, PhD Edward Kim, MD, MBA Erin Bagalman, MSW Sara Wang, PhD

Mark A. Malesker, PharmD Daniel E. Hilleman, PharmD

The use of a single-pill combination of amlodipine/valsartan resulted in higher acquisition costs but fewer clinic visits, laboratory tests, and electrocardiograms — and therefore lower gross costs — compared with the use of individual drug components

Greg P. Marconi, MD Alan L. Nager, MD, MHA

A program that outlined the concepts of evidence-based medicine improved residents’ knowledge about treatment costs

Shrividya Iyer, PhD Keith L. Davis, MA Sean Candrilli, PhD

Findings of this retrospective database study further emphasize the importance of effectively managing the side effects of opioid pain therapy and achieving optimum clinical and economic outcomes, thus improving the quality of care

Mary V. Mason, MD, MBA Amy Poole-Yaeger, MD Cathie R. Krueger, RN, BSN Kara M. House, MBA Brad Lucas, MD, MBA

Alan Adler, MD, MS Craig Lipkin, MS Lisa Cooper, MSW Michael Agolino, MSW Violet Jones, RN


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