Research Articles from Managed Care

Cyril F. Chang, PhD

The old TennCare program had many flaws and detractors. Its near collapse led to a more realistic approach to providing coverage to the uninsured in Tennessee.

Gary R. Bazalo, MS Ashish V. Joshi, PhD John Germak, MD

Payers’ drug costs for human growth hormone are related to product waste that is related to the container in which the product is supplied

Meredith Y. Smith, PhD Jerry Cromwell, PhD Judith DePue, EdD Bonnie Spring, PhD William Redd, PhD

Jill Karpel, MD Donald A. Bukstein, MD Robert LoNigro, MD

Management of the uncontrolled asthma patient and case examples

Therese Zink, MD, MPH Karen Lloyd, PhD, LP George Isham, MD David J. Mathews, PsyD, LICSW Terry Crowson, MD

Implementing what was formerly called the Chronic Care Model can improve an organization’s response to this widespread problem

Joseph Flood, MD, FACR Charles Mihalik, PharmD, RPh Renee R. Fleming, RPh, MBA Bruce E. Strober, MD, PhD Deborah R. Zucker, MD, PhD

Heinz Nagel, MD Thomas Baehring, PhD Werner A. Scherbaum, MD, PhD

Germany has been able to enroll more than a million people with type 2 diabetes in DM programs through legislation that created incentives for physicians and insurers

Joseph A. Caprini, MD, MS, FACS, RVT Thomas M. Hyers, MD, FCCP

Deeply held, but not evidence-based, concerns about the possible risks of pharmacologic prophylaxis leave many patients at risk for DVT

Joseph R. Twanmoh, MD, FACEP Gail P. Cunningham, MD, FACEP

Changing the process and mindset of health care professionals was the key to reducing emergency department overcrowding


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