National patient safety foundation announces new edition online patient safety curriculum

With a foreword from Dr. Lucian Leape, a creator of today’s patient safety movement, and cooperation by a number of those most distinguished pros directing the field nowadays, the Curriculum can be currently a 10-module, online class which offers a brief history of this individual safety field, clarifies the science and areas of safety, gift ideas current practices, and also summarizes plans for overcoming challenges to secure maintenance. “NPSF is quite thankful to the distinguished faculty who gave of their own time and skill to be sure this crucial content reflects current research and recommendations within the area.”

The internet platform was created for users to know at their own pace through audio/presentation assignments, reading stuff, and quizzes which help users examine their comprehension. It’s proper for all quantities of clinical staff, in addition to risk managers, healthcare executives, and board members of healthcare associations. Since 2012, once the NPSF Patient Safety Structure was first published, tens of thousands of caregivers purchased it to improve or rekindle their understanding of this area.

In 2013the NPSF Curriculum became the very first federally made national patient protection program approved due to the American Board of Medical Specialties® to create patient safety instruction to physicians engaging within the ABMS Program for Maintenance of Certification. IHI centers around inventions that make a method of protection throughout entire businesses.

We help businesses move out of silos of protection systems of protection by improving durability and reliability. We Are creating new measures to move companies toward harm-free maintenance and dealing together with leaders on ancient indicators to safety and online transparency. We’re also innovating in Regions of patient security Who have observed the smallest amount of attention such as diagnostic mistake, chief Maintenance, and behavioral and emotional wellness.

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