Radiologists, anesthesiologists in demand

Radiology is the name of the game in physician recruitment today, with income offers increasing by an average of nearly $50,000 over previously recorded levels, according to the national physician search company Merritt, Hawkins, & Associates. Tracking 2,043 physician recruitment assignments it conducted from April 1, 2000 to March 31, 2001, Merritt Hawkins saw average salaries and/or income guarantees offered to radiologists increase from $225,000 to $271,000. Rising salaries reflect the pressing need for radiologists in many rural and urban facilities. The demand is attributed to declining enrollment in radiology residency programs in the mid-1990s, the early retirement of many radiologists, and the significant increase in demand for radiology services. Demand has risen also as a result of new imaging technologies and population aging.

Merritt Hawkins has seen increased demand for another traditionally hospital-based specialty — anesthesiology. The firm conducted just nine searches for anesthesiologists in 1997–98 but recorded 127 anesthesiology searches in 2000–01.

Compensation offered to radiologists (salary or income guarantee)

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